Jigsaw Puzzle

Colours, Shapes, Letters-phonical, sounds and numbers using puzzles  

Story time

Weekly stories encouraging listening skills, sharing and taking turns.  


Various puppets used alongside a song and a cuddles.  


All time favourite Bubbles, Pop and dance almost the Bubbles.


Using some original songs as well as classic, children play along...


Children weekly participate in an artist experience taking home there master...


Through my bespoke activities, children start their preschool educational from as young as 9 months at a Rissadan class.

Fast-paced, fun, highly interactive, a unique session where children are encouraged to participate in all aspects of this class. Children's inquisitive minds are stimulated through seven short activities, enhancing their early years development.

Both careers and children are stimulated using song, art, puzzles and many more including the all time favourite Bubble Time. Run by Catherine who has over 20 years zooming to the moon.

At Rissadan I aim to provide a spacious relaxed learning environment, where parents careers and children up to 4 years old can socialise and learn together.


Pre-school Art and Music Classes

Pre-school Art and Music Classes

Taylored interactive 45 minutes sessions for curious, inquistitve developing minds 
Rissadan aim to provide a spacious relaxed learning environment, where parents/careers of children 9 months up to 4 years old can bond with your babies/toddlers whilst enjoying an interactive class.

Animal Figurines

Children are given a variety of farm animals figures learning animal noises as well as sign language and song.


Children weekly participate in an artist experience taking home there master pIeces for loved ones to enjoy.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Learning , Colours, Shapes, Letters- phonical, name and sound and Numbers using puzzles and songs, some original and the classic ABC.


Music for developing minds, playing an instrument brings so much joy

About Us

Rissadan since 1988

Since 1988 having used and run a variety of children’s classes, clubs, groups and workshops there was nowhere offering babies/toddlers something for all. It seemed to be either music, cooking sport or art. Nothing under one roof. The concept of offering a pre school experience where many aspects of their development are achievable makes it easy to see why it’s attractive to parents and career alike. As any adult who has spent any time with a baby or toddler understands, how hard it can be to hold their attention for any great length of time. The specially designed activities enhances the little ones encouraging them to achieve their milestones. Whether its sharing space, counting animals, learning colours or socialising this class focuses on learning through play. Hence Rissadan was created.

Our Prices

Where and When

Every friday at we are at the 9.30 and 10.45 – Clapham Methodist church, Nelson Row, SW4 7JRN

First Time

The first class is free
Trial class available

No Pre Booking

Drop in and pay
£7.50 first child
£12.50 siblings


Flexi tickets, no pre-booking required
buy a book of ten tickets at £7 per ticket.
Can be used as a drop in client. Tickets expiry one year after purchase.


We’re closed on the following dates over Christmas.

From 21st December until 4th January
Re-opens 11th January